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The Hardyeans' Club
TO STAY IN TOUCH WITH YOUR FRIENDS                                                          

Hardye's School, Dorchester, Dorset
President: Gordon CROCKER
Chairman: A. R. (Bob) RENCH
Hon Secretary: Colin LUCAS (tel. 01305 265446)
Hon Membership Secretary: Peter POWELL, 3 Durngate St., Dorchester, Dorset. DT1 1J P (tel. 01305 264420)
Hon. Treasurer: Lt. Cdr. Ken PEARCE (RN retd.)
Hon. Press Officer: Michel Hooper-Immins


Spring 2002 : Issue 87     *Published January, May and September
*copy deadline for Issue 88: 15th. August 2002                                 

Editor: Peter FOSTER.
Editorial Address: Holmecroft, 12, South Court Ave., Dorchester, Dorset. DT1 2BX (tel 01305 262121)
Design, Typing and Preparation: Heather FOSTER.

*Opinions expressed by contributors are not necessarily those of the Editor


MONTHLY LUNCHEONS: Last Thursday of the month, except December, 12.30pm for 1pm at the Conservative Club, South Walks, Dorchester. It helps if you let Peter LEWENDON know if you intend to come; he can be contacted at Higher Folly Farm Cottage, Crewkerne, Somerset TA18 8PN (Tel 01460 73927) NB April and October luncheons feature a Gourmet Menu at £15 per head. ALWAYS EXCELLENT VALUE !!


SKITTLES MATCH: Club v The School. Date to be announced. Please contact the Secretary for further information.

CRICKET MATCH: Club v the School: Wednesday 10th July 2002 .

ARMISTICE DAY SERVICE:   Monday 11th November 2002 , 10.20am , at the School Gates


LONDON DINNER: 12th November 2002 Please see Booking Form at end of this Newsletter

2002  AGM: Please see Minutes later in this issue.

HARDYEANS CLUB CHARITABLE ASSOCIATION Please see a report from the Trustees in this issue, also a Banker's Order/Gift Aid Declaration form. And a reminder that there will be a concert at St Mary's Church, Edward Rd, Dorchester on 21st September 2002 in aid of the Hardyeans Club Charitable Association.


Roland C. MASON's email address is now: see also YOU WRITE


On behalf of the Club we extend sincere condolences to the families and friends of the following

George Russell WHEELER  (1927-35) died in April 2002, aged 85 as reported in the Dorset Evening Echo of 24th April, George Wheeler was a survivor (mentioned in dispatches)of the St. Nazaire raid in 1942, captured by the Germans but managed to escape with Canadian commando colleague George Simms from occupied France, both being later awarded the Military Medal. He spent time after the war in Malaya and was made an OBE in 1967 for his work as secretary of the central electricity board there. He retired in 1967 to Corfe Castle , and moved to West Lulworth 15 years ago. His wife Madeline died 10 years ago and their daughter Julia Davis is a professor at Lancaster University . The Funeral was due to be held at Holy Trinity Church , West Lulworth on 25th April. 

We were advised of the recent death of Henry Peter HOLLOWAY, aged 93 (1919-24). He always enjoyed receiving the Newsletter and had from time to time made contributions to it. He also generously contributed to the Hardyeans' Club Charitable Association, and will be sadly missed.




Roland C. MASON writes that it was great to see so many of the Old Brigade at the rugger/RQC reunion. Hope we can make this a regular event. Does anyone have news of young Peter HURN? Best wishes to all, Labores varii, etc.

P. John DILLON (1949-56) recently rejoined the Club after many years. E-mail address:

He writes from Canada as follows:- ...Sorry to hear about JO and now Mrs. ROBERTS. I have fondly carried (somewhere here) a vintage newsletter from JO for many, many years - for my sins, after GCE "O" levels when Mr. HILL and Mr. "Steamboat" STEVENSON (Latin) and others decided that I should become one of the very few 6th Form Classics scholars, JO was my Greek teacher. I don't think I ever understood one word he said after that (except in the Cadet Force)! I was OK in Latin; so-so in Ancient History; but scraped by in "A" level Greek mainly by memorising the entire English translation of the set pieces - with the aid of "Gasper" xxx(name?? are you out there??), who was a natural classicist. Warmest regards to Peter LEWENDON who was very important to me from my very earliest days, especially in Rugby at both the Junior and the Senior School . Is there any news of John HALE, who was housemaster of South Walks House during my years there. Any other members in Canada/British Columbia/Vancouver area? Any Canadian Old Hardyean's Club Branch? I look forward to seeing you the next time I am back in UK (possibly this year). The last time I dropped in at the School, it happened to be on the Farewell Day for Mr. HAMILTON, whose Head of School I had the honour to be, when Michael "Nado" BETTS left after the first term of our final year. (I had bridged the two HM's, Mr. HILL and Mr. HAMILTON, in my two 6th Form years 1955 & 1956. So in effect I saw Mr. HILL out and Mr. HAMILTON both in, and many years later, out - the last purely by coincidence). In honour of our 6th Form years, when we invented the "Nado Ball"(conceptually, a kind of square rugby ball that was wont to do weird things to weird people in weird places), and of "Nado" BETTS, who was a kind of namesake (don't ask me why!), I named my first company in London two years later "Nado Enterprises Ltd.

John goes on to report being in touch with Phillip HEWETT and Norman BROWN, but would like to trace Paul BOWEN (1949-56), from Portland , boarder, South Walks, who he last met in the London area many years ago. Any news?

Lt. Cdr. Richard K. WOOD, RN (Retd), (1924-31) writes from 84, Tor Lane , Hartley, Plymouth PL3 5TL (tel:01752 771263).

I have from time to time written to the Club Newsletter but I do not know how much of my news is stil  "in store". However, as I am now 88½ and will strike (God willing) 89 on 7th August this year, I thought I must send a few personal reminiscences before I "pop off". Thank you for Issue 86, which was as usual very interesting and has prompted some of the contents of this letter. I was sorry once again not to have been able to attend the Annual Reunion and Dinner this year. I have been brought by various lifts to the last ones I attended, by my sister Mrs Pamela Gowans from West Moors, by another OH who also lives in West Moors (name forgotten) and by Ronald E H Pew (about 1926-34?) who was one of my oldest friends (school +) whom I rediscovered in Gittisham, Devon after a gap of about 42 years ! He drove me to the Reunion a few years ago but was not keen to keep up the membership

Congratulations to Peter LEWENDON, who seems not to spare himself on behalf of the Club. I first met Peter (when he was soon to retire) when he brought the Hardye's 1st XV to play against the 1st XV of King Edward VI's school, Southampton, where my son Richard WOOD was, and still is, a P E Master and ran the rugby. I didn't know which team to root for!! Regrettably KES Southampton won. In the pavilion were photographs of rugby teams. One which attracted my attention was of the Hampshire XV who had been Champion County . The Captain was later Bishop of Portsmouth and Chairman of the Governors of Canford School, where my three nephews were pupils, and where I met him. The items about "Major" CLARK were interesting, particularly when I was in the Royal Navy (as a "Schoolmaster" later Instructor Lieutenant Cdr.) my last appointment was to HMS Mauritius (on Mauritius Island ) an RN Signal Station and where I was in charge and Headmaster of the RN Children's School. This was an all-age school and I had to cope with steadily increasing numbers of RN personnel being brought out from UK , many of whom were accompanied by wives and children. The numbers in my school rose during my 2 years there from about 35 to 70. I also had to teach the ratings for RN educational exams, ETs 1 & 2, which were very elementary; to HET which was equivalent to GCSE. It was mainly Maths, Science, Naval History and English. When I retired from the Navy, I applied for and had an interview with the Head (Hamilton) and the overall head of Science, Mann, for a teaching post in the Physics Department. But my qualifications and experience, even being an "old Boy" did not suffice to get me the job. They were very nice and tactful about it! Mann had come on the staff in about 1925, his first job, to teach junior, middle school Geography!! Didn't he do well ! He was, as were all the masters, excellent men and teachers. I had a superb education at "DGS". Colin (?)FRY as old DGS pupil, was a master at Plymouth College when my son was a pupil. A Mr. Spinks was Head of Physics up to the year I joined the Staff(1968) of Tamar School here in Plymouth . He went to DGS in the Physics Dept. McGREGOR, who was a Master at Hardye's, (English or History?) until about 1972 came to Devonport High as Deputy Head. I introduced myself as an old DGS. I cannot remember what he did next or when but I think he got a Headmastership. I was very interested in the items about the PIKE brothers, who were my contemporaries. I read the obituary in the Daily Telegraph a few years ago( May 1997) of one of them who distinguished himself in the army  in the War. Other Old Boys who were at DGS with me were FALL from Portland (a brilliant inside-right in the 1st XI (football) with me at inside-left); my particular friend Jack CRUMPLER was Captain and centre-forward, and with whom I shared 3 years in the Science Sixth. He was also Captain of the 1st XI Cricket, Head Boy and Victor Ludorum (athletics). He went to Oxford , taught at Westminster School (no less), and became an HMI. He died about 2 years ago. I am in touch with his son. I was school swimming champion for 4 years (in the pool in the river at the end of High East Street . I was in Lock House and "Ticker" COLE was our House Master. I remember the way he looked after me, like an old hen, between races, as I was the only one in Lock House able to win us house points. Happy Day ! My brother Peter left with the "School Cert" in 1929, went into Lloyds Bank in Dorchester and Yeovil and spent the War in the RAF motorboat section in Scotland and Northern Ireland . After the War he became a forester on estates in many parts of England . He died aged 84 in 1996. My mother died in 1988 aged 101Ύ, like the Queen Mother, and I suppose that's where my longevity genes come from! Other school mates were Reg BROOM, "Kinema" CLARKE, ESSEX (Head Boy), 3 PITCHERs, HIBBS, BOLTWOOD, PHILLIPS, some GOULDs, 2 HAWKES, EDWARDS, LOCK, 2 HODDERs, 2 BROWNEs, 2 McDONALDs, SHUTTLEWORTH, 2 BAYLISSes, a preponderance of Weymouth boys; VOGEL (porter). Masters: FOX, R.J.KING, WHITFIELD, WHITTAKER, LIDBURY, R.W. HILL (Head), T. COLE, PALMER (Art and Maths), MANN, CRUSE (French), Rev H.A. FRANCIS (Head), "Nutty" HAZELGROVE.

Richard concludes: I am always very interested in all events in Dorchester and Weymouth and especially those concerning Hardye's School. The death of the Queen Mother and the concentration of  news of the Royal Family reminds me of the inspection by the then Prince of Wales, of the DGS OTC in about 1927, in which I was a sergeant and my brother Peter was the leading side-drummer in the band! I also remember the laying of the Foundation Stone of the "new" School by Thomas Hardy, the author. 

[Thanks for all those memories, Richard, and I hope your computer is soon better ! -- Editor]


Glyn GOODWIN (fmly WHITE) has emailed our Secretary as follows (from

I went to what was then the Dorchester Secondary Modern School in the years 1965-71, and would like to know if there has ever been, or is there planned, a reunion covering those years ?

There is also news of a proposed reunion, in the autumn of 2002, for former pupils of St Genevieve's Convent who have, like the Assistant Editor, reached the big five-0 this year. Tessa DACOMBE (nee PITFIELD) would like to hear from contemporaries who would have joined the Senior School in 1963 (post-11plus) or thereabouts. Please contact the Editor for further details.

News of Emma and Jane MITCHELL, the Women's Rugby players both ex- Castlefield School . Although Emma has had injury problems, we understand she is back on form and both continue to make sporting headlines, Emma representing England and Jane in America .

  NEWS fromThe Hardyeans Club Charitable Association
From The Trustees

All members will wish to congratulate the Headteacher and his staff of the School following its award of an OUTSTANDING grading in the OFSTED Inspection earlier this year, Our School is one of the very few comprehensive secondary schools in the whole country that has been awarded this unique grading,

Capital donations by Members over the past 18 months have raised over £22,000, which provides sufficient income in perpetuity to give two former students of the School £500 per annum each for the duration of their university education. The OUTSTANDING grading will surely stimulate us all to build on this very solid beginning. While capital donations are of course always welcome, the Trustees are also seeking more modest donations on a regular basis by, for instance, banker's order. Those who pay Income or Capital Gains Tax will be able to substantially enhance their donation by an additional 28% by Gift Aid. For example, an annual donation of £60 (or £5 per month) by Gift Aid will give the Charitable Association £77 per annum; seven donations like this will give £500 per annum to support one Student at University.

Please support our School and its Students as generously as possible, by completing the Banker's Order/Gift Aid declaration attached and sending it to the School for the attention of the Treasurer, Hardeyans' Club Charitable Association. There are surely fewer better causes than helping very able but less fortunate former Students of our School at university. The Trustees and the School are most grateful for your continuing generous support -

Thank you very much

The Trustees

April 2002

 Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on Saturday 16th March 2002 at 6.40pm at the Hardy Hall, Dorchester

There were about twenty-four members present.

1.   Apologies for absence were received from Martin SCOTT, Godfrey   LANCASHIRE, David LACEY and L. MEYERS.

2.   Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 17th March 2001

The Minutes were proposed by John PEARSON, seconded by John STEPHENSON and carried unanimously.

      3.   Matters Arising

Colin LUCAS took this opportunity to thank Felicity MURRAY for taking minutes of meetings, Peter and Heather FOSTER for producing the Newsletter and Michel HOOPER-IMMINS for getting the Club plenty of publicity this year, which he hoped would continue.

4.   President's Remarks

The President, Gordon CROCKER, referred to the Duke of Wellington, who, when asked on his deathbed what he would do differently, replied that he would say "thank you" more often. He then thanked members of the Committee for their hard work; John STEPHENSON as Chairman of the Charitable Trust for steering the Trust into making its first grant in July 2001; Colin LUCAS for all his hard work as Club Secretary; and Peter LEWENDON for arranging the monthly lunches, and for his links with past students and sport. Although he had been unable to attend, he was told that the London Dinner in November 2001, arranged by Hugh GRIFFITHS was superb. A concert has ben arranged for Staurday 21st September 2002 at 7.30pm in St Mary's Church in aid of the Charitable Trust; this is a joint venture with the School.

5.  Chairman's Report

The Chairman, Bob RENCH, said that the Club is thriving with 850 members, and many of these now receive their newsletters electronically, which saves on postage costs, especially for those overseas. The Charitable Trust is doing very well with just over £22,000 in the funds, and he thanked John STEPHENSON for its success. At the annual Cricket Match last July the weather was bad and visibility very poor, but the Club managed to beat the School by 30 runs with only ten players. The London Dinner and the monthly lunches were successful and the Press Officer had worked hard with local publicity. He thanked members of the Council, the Trustees, Colin LUCAS, Gordon CROCKER, John STEPHENSON, and the Chairman's wife Helen RENCH for arranging tonight's raffle.

6.   Treasurer's Report

The Treasurer, Ken PEARCE, ran through the accounts for the year ended 31st December 2001 . The Club had won £50 on the Premium Bonds, but investments were halved because of the sell-off of Treasury Stock. The President verified the bank balance.

The adoption of the accounts was carried unanimously.

The President thanked Ken PEARCE for presenting the accounts.

7.    Election of Officers

The names of the current committee were read out:

Bob RENCH (Chairman); Colin LUCAS (Secretary); Ken PEARCE (Treasurer);


The above were proposed by Peter POWELL, seconded by David CULVER and carried unanimously.

8.   Recommendations from the Council   None

9.   Hardyeans' Club Charitable Trust

John STEPHENSON gave a brief report: just over £22,000 has been raised in eighteen months and he hopes for more in the future - in September a concert is being held to raise funds for the Trust.

10.  Any Other Business

The President passed a vote of thanks to those who had organised tonight's Dinner, which was endorsed by all members present.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 7.00pm


From the pages of the Dorset Echo

Hardyeans Club President Gordon Crocker paid tribute at the Annual General Meeting, to Secretary Colin Lucas , "who works tirelessly for the advancement of the Old Hardyeans Club."  Membership had increased to 870, thanks to a number of articles in the Dorset Echo.  Held at the Thomas Hardy Hall in Dorchester , prior to the Annual Dinner, the meeting heard from Treasurer Ken Pearce that the finances were in good order and that £2265 had been donated to the Hardyeans Club Charitable Association.

Bob Rench was re-elected Chairman, with Colin Lucas as Secretary and Ken Pearce as Treasurer. The Club Committee includes Alf Barrett, Tony Day, Clinton Grassby, Michel Hooper-Immins , Peter Lewendon, John Pearson, Pat Pollard, Peter Powell and Jack Westlake.

At the Annual Dinner that followed the meeting, Old Hardyeans were joined by twelve sixth formers from the Thomas Hardye School . Headmaster Dr. Iain Melvin thanked the Club for their consistent support of the School and registered his happiness that OFSTED inspectors had much praised the institution, awarding ten out of ten.  Guest Speaker was Dr. Barry Buckland PhD, a distinguished old boy, now Vice President of Research and Development at Merck Research.   Living in New York , he has worked in the United States since 1980 and made a special trip across the Atlantic to tell the Hardyeans Club about his career in America .    The traditional toasts to The Queen, the School, the Club and absent friends were announced by Toastmaster Colin Lucas in his inimitable style.

Set-up by Old Hardyeans to provide a bursary to students of the Thomas Hardye School entering university, Major General John Stephenson reported the Hardyeans Club Charitable Association had raised £22,000 in eighteen months and had made the first award, to a talented Art student.   A concert by past and present members of the School would be held in aid of Association funds at St. Mary's Church, Dorchester , on 21 September.

The Annual General Meeting elected Gordon Crocker as the new Chairman of Trustees.  Colin Lucas and Lee Meyers continue as Secretary and Treasurer of the Charitable Association.   Other Trustees elected were Ian Brown, Nigel Digby, John Pearson, June Salt and Major General John Stephenson.

Fifty years ago, 30 April 1952 .   Following the decision of the Governors of the Dorchester Grammar School to change the School's name to Hardye's School, Dorchester Old Grammarians have agreed to change their name to Old Hardyeans at a General Meeting at Wollaston House.  It was reported that 845 membership forms had been circulated to old boys at home and abroad, with a hundred returned within a week.

Please look out for Michel's writings in the Wanderer's Column of the Dorset Echo.


Check your Membership details by entering your name in the box and clicking on submit


Hugh GRIFFITHS has made arrangements for the London Dinner on 12th November 2002 to be held at:

University College London
Gower Street

Time :                             7.OOpm for 7.30pm
Dress :                            Lounge Suits
Tickets :                          £30.00 per head, including wine

Transport from Dorchester can be arranged. Please contact Colin LUCAS in good time. Telephone : (Home) 01305 265446. If writing to Colin, the address is 4, Fir Tree Close, Poundbury, Dorchester, Dorset DT1 2PY

Hugh organises an excellent event and we hope it will grow, PLEASE REMEMBER that ladies are MORE THAN WELCOME TO ATTEND.


To:       Prof. H. Griffiths
            5a Fellows Road
            NW3 3LR
            Telephone: (Home)      020 7483 0667
                             (Office)      020 7679 7310

Please send ………………ticket(s) for the Hardyeans' London Dinner on 12th November 2002, for which I enclose £ ……….. by cheque, payable to H. D. Griffiths (£30.00 per head)

Please help Hugh by sending a stamped, addressed envelope.